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How To Encourage Your Kid’s Uniqueness With Clothing

There comes a time in every parent’s life when their children start displaying signs of independence. They want to do things by themselves, but maybe they aren’t quite able to complete the task all on their own. This leads to many trips to preschool with mismatched shoes and inside-out shirts — trust us, busy moms and dads, no one is judging you for this!

There’s no right or wrong time for a child to start picking out their own clothes, but it can be hard for a parent who has always dressed their kiddos in trendy toddler clothes to suddenly see Sammy come downstairs wearing about eight different patterns, a flip-flop, and a cowboy boot. Where does a parent draw the line between letting their kiddo wear whatever they want and ensuring that their little one looks somewhat ‘normal’ at school?

Thankfully, the kid’s fashion experts here at Kountry Cuties are here with a few words of wisdom for getting through those not-so-fashion-forward years!

Give Them Choices

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to help your child express themselves through clothing without things getting too crazy is to give them options. Put together two outfits and ask them to choose which one they want to wear that day. This puts the ball in their court and allows them to make a decision about their life (something they don’t typically get to have), and can prevent the morning meltdowns when you tell them they can’t wear a bathing suit to preschool when it’s snowing outside.

Take Them Shopping

Until now, you have likely picked out all of your child’s clothing. Whether you’ve been sticking to chic, modern kids clothes or have been more traditional in your choices, you’ve had a lot to say about what your kiddo wears. Now that they are starting to show an interest in what they wear, it is the perfect opportunity to go shopping with your little one.

If they are indecisive and you don’t feel like spending three hours in target trying to find one shirt, try online shopping. You can find unique children’s clothing right here at Kountry Cuties. We make it easy to shop by size, price, and even color!

Pick Your Battles

Kids fight about putting on certain clothes for a number of reasons, but usually it is just because they want some say in their lives. Toddlers are developing quickly. They are at the point where they can understand what you’re saying, but they don’t know how to express themselves. Parents dictate what they eat, when they take a nap, what activities they do for the day, and everything else. When they put up a fight when you are helping them get dressed in the morning, it is often because they are just looking for something to do by themselves. If you’re spending the weekend at home or having a casual playdate, or even if your kiddo is heading off to school, it’s not always worth the fight over what they’re going to wear. Save those tougher struggles for more important events like holiday dinners or weddings.

Choose a Kids Clothing Brand You Both Love

Finally, if you find a clothing brand that has lots of cute, fashionable options but still offers the unique childrens clothes your little one loves, then you can’t go wrong! Make mornings a little easier by stocking your kiddo’s closet with the latest children’s clothing from Kountry Cuties!