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Check Out These Comfy And Colorful Girls Legging Sets!

When it comes to unique kids clothes, comfort should be at the forefront of your mind. As cute as your kiddo would look in a certain outfit, if she’s not able to comfortably run around a play, it’s not worth it. That’s why Kountry Cuties is dedicated to selling clothes that both parents and kids will love! Today, we’re specifically going to highlight our girl’s legging sets! These kids leggings come with a matching shirt, are super cute, and best of all, they’re perfectly comfortable for nap time, recess, or story time!

Our Comfy Girls Legging Sets

The “Ava” Legging Set: This fashionable little girl’s outfit features blue, black, and pink Aztec print leggings for the free spirited little lady in your life. It also comes with a bright fuschia shirt with flared arms and a matching frilled purse!

The “Aria” Legging Set: The Aria set has the same fun pattern as the Ava set, but in a white, pink, and black color scheme with a white shirt, making it perfect for the upcoming winter months.

The “Mia” Legging Set: Mama Mia! These super chic leggings are an icy blue, green, and black print with a contrasting blush pink shirt. This legging set is the perfect outfit for a little girl who loves to be unique and bold.

The “Amelia” Legging Set: You don’t have to be a skilled pilot to rock these Amelia leggings! (Although, we do think Amelia Earhart would have loved to wear these while soaring through the air!) If you have a strong, independent little girl at home, we bet she’d love these multicolored leggings and navy blue flared shirt.

The “Amanda” Legging Set: For the fashion-forward little girl, our Amanda shirt and legging set is chic and trendy. These comfy black leggings provide a fashion staple that can be paired with any shirt or dress, and the off-the-shoulder floral top can be worn year-round!

The “Rose” Legging Set: If you have a little one at home who is truly a girl’s girl, she’ll love this pretty pink rose-printed top and burgundy leggings that match perfectly. Because of the combination of pastel and deep colors in this piece, it looks just as good on Valentine’s Day as it does on Christmas!  

The “Ryleigh” Legging Set: If your little girl is buzzing for success, she’ll love these yellow striped leggings! Reminiscent of a cute bumblebee but so much more fun, these yellow, ivory, and dark blue leggings feature multiple fun patterns of chevron, hearts, diamonds, and more which all flow together to make delicate stripes.

The “Noelle” Legging Set: She may not be the first Noelle, but the angels do say that, “This girl’s legging set is too cute!” As far as cute girls’ clothing goes, these pale blue, pink, and black leggings combined with a flowy pink Chiffon top can’t be beaten.

The “Dakota” Legging Set: Last, but certainly not least, our Dakota legging set takes comfort and style to the next level. The purple leggings feature just a small pattern around the ankles, while the white shirt makes this outfit look effortless and stylish.

Which Legging Set Represents Your Kiddo?

Whether the names of these girls legging sets happen to match your daughter’s or there’s one that is just calling to you, you can’t go wrong with any of the above. These cute and comfortable girl’s clothes are perfect for school and home, and are comfy enough to wear all day. Shop the outfits above, or check out the rest of our unique kid’s clothes for more ideas!